GLUE tool = does actually glue


if you want to glue things say 2 midi notes (that’s what i need mostly midi notes or midi parts)
you have to select them all then glue them or clic with glue tool on the first object so it’s glued to the second.

i would like the glue tool to glue all notes i select at once rather then select them then clic again to glue.
because if you want to select things THEN glue when not use the select tool.

extended explanation :
when writing orchestral score and divisi for strings i end up playing chords i want to split within lots of midi track i have a massive amount of notes i want to glue for voices to get more coherent. using only the glue tool and selecting all notes i want to glue in one move would save alot of time rather then select then clic, select clic etc. not to mention these moments where you select then clic just that tinny pixel below your selection and therefore unselect all you had selected (not part of the undo)