Glue tracks together in Dolby Atmos Mix

I’m new to Dolby Atmos mixing in Cubase Pro 13 and I was searching for how to glue a Dolby Atmos mix together. I came across a video (link below) which I think shows a great way to do this, however, it is demonstrated using ProTools. I’m trying to figure out how this might translate to Cubase. The key aspect of what he is doing that I can’t quite figure out how to do in Cubase is he put a Compressor and EQ on the tracks to which he wanted to glue together. Each of those tracks send to a single bus. Each of the Compressors and EQs are then side-chained to that bus. In Cubase, the bus would be a Group track, however, in Cubase a signal can’t route back to itself. So, if I send to the Mix Bus from TrackA, I can’t then use that Mix Bus as a side-chain source on a Compressor or EQ on TrackA because a signal sent to the Mix Bus originated from TrackA. I hope this is making sense. Anyone have any ideas for how to do this in Cubase?

Tips & Tricks: Stereo Compression and Dolby Atmos