Glued audio needs volume fade handles

When I glue two audio regions, it doesn’t have handles for volume fade in/out like the other audio regions. Can’t think of a good reason for this.

You may already be aware of this but I typically select the two events and bounce them (using a shortcut) so that the new event behaves as usual. I only really use the glue tool for combining midi events. Sorry, if this is not what you were looking for.

Thanks, I know there’s always a workaround, but I guess it just comes down to common sense in interface design. Why would they even add the feature to glue regions if they don’t behave like other regions. There are so many weird things like this in Cubase that the additional mouse clicks just pile up exponentially.

Agreed. I wasn’t trying to diminish the value of your request because I don’t care for the way the glued audio events are displayed or how they behave either. Hopefully Steinberg will address this at some point.

That’s because when you glue events they become parts. A container that does hold those events and can be moved around, bounced or split up. To add fade handles would imho go against the idea of such a container.
But I can see the practicality of easy and fast manipulation without having to bounce first.

I think the reason it’s strange is that when I’m working, I don’t want to think about what’s a container or whatever. Like if I have 4 bars of guitar, and then 4 more bars that I decide to glue onto the end of it so I have 8 bars, now I want to fade out the whole 8 bars from beginning to end…well, my only option is to use automation, which more or less sticks the fader in place. Typically, when people are at the stage of composing/writing and gluing things, they’re not ready to commit volume levels. Automation isn’t exactly committing, but in a way it is, because you’ve got to move those dots every single time you want to make a level adjustment, from composing until mixing. That’s where the fades come in handy. Or let’s say you now wanted to crossfade those 8 glued bars with another few bars, fade handles would be helpful there.

Just bounce audio instead.

Yep-as others have said. “gluing” is just one of those strange things. It’s not actually “bouncing” the audio in to a single thing. It is just acting more like a container. You can double click on the glued part and then you see the individual parts and you can adjust the audio like normal. Or as others have said, just click “b” and bounce the glued part in to a single audio file if you know you don’t need to go in and change the pieces later.