Glueing selected events with a keyboard shortcut?

I thought at some point I’ve seen a key command in Cubase which allowed me to glue selected events together, however now I cannot find it.
Is it possible to glue events using a keyboard shortcut?
I hate the extra step of selecting the glue tool, glueing events and going back to the regular pointer tool. I’d prefer to hit a keyboard shortcut and accomplish the same thing.


Yeah, I posted a feature request about that. Doesn’t seem to be much support though for it. But I really hope they add the shortcut at least; should be quite a quick thing to do. Steinberg Forums

I don’t have C7 in front of me right now. But I think there’s a keyboard shorcut for that. Maybe in the Preferences dialogue?


if you find it post it here.

If it’s in Cubase 6 then it’s gonna be in 7 as well.

I would find that useful


I’m still using C6.5 but this should still be the same… Hopefully! I have these set up too, really handy :slight_smile:

In Key Commands…

MIDI - Bounce Midi

AUDIO - Bounce

Or, remember that you can always just use ‘4’ and ‘1’ to alternate between cursor and glue tool, pretty quickly too :wink:

“Bounce” audio is not the same as “glue” audio events though…

True… Still handy to know tho :slight_smile:

Press 4 on your kb lol…

My left hand sits on the number keys to constantly select the tools.
I drag select, press 4, left click.

Maybe I’m not understanding the Q.

The question is about: select events → press short cut → no further click necessary.

ahhh, got it. Basically a Glue without having to actually select the glue tool.
Sure, why not. Anything to get us where we need to go faster. :wink:

Sorry, I now realize that what I’m talking about is just selecting the glue tool with key command. So… not much help. I wish there was a key command for glueing selected events.


Make key commands for the following:

for MIDI: MIDI/Bounce Midi

for audio: Audio/Events to Part

aaaaaaaaand we’ve oficially gone full circle… :laughing:

Audio / Events to parts is not the same as bounce audio… :wink:

I don’t know about you guys…but when I use the GLUE tool on sparate audio events (which is what the OP was asking about - “glueing selected events”) it creats an audio PART with the selected events inside…

This command would work on any object, not just audio.