Glyph editor

I’d like to ask the team that, when they’re to revisit the glyph editor, both for playing techniques and musical symbols, that one gains the ability to

— change the attachment to another element other than the preceding. I understand why you chose this to be the default behavior, but it hinders the setting up of more complex playing techniques;

— just swap a glyph, instead of deleting and adding a new one;

— absolute positioning, in addition to the current relative positioning now in place;

— simply switch off attachment lines, as well as handles and maybe even the grid;

— (also, is the grid size related to any measurement in the score? If not — and if we’re unable to eventually change the grid size —, it seems less useful than it could be;)

— more zoom options or a better way to get around the canvas: when putting together more complex figures — or very frequently when using imported vectors —, you simply cannot fit everything into the canvas.

— Also, having human readable names for composites and styles (although one gets along fine as it is now) and being able to name user-made composites.

As usual, feel free to pile on, community.

Thanks for the feedback. The UI changes you’re asking for in terms of hiding gridlines etc. are reasonable. We have no current plans for absolute positioning, or for the ability to attach glyphs to arbitrary other glyphs rather than only the one immediately to its left. The reason for this is that there is a lot of complexity in correctly laying out these complex composite symbols at every scale factor and in every situation.

Well, in that case, I hope that straight swapping a glyph is made possible at some point in the future. My suggestion was not motivated solely by the need to do that, but it might make up a large proportion of the situations I’ve felt the need to change attachments. Thanks!

I agree that swapping one glyph for another would certainly be useful.

Wunderbar, thanks!