Glyphs for round and square bracketing

@Daniel at Steinberg

In the context of SMuFL font creation and fine tuning converted fonts to SMuFL I would gladly have some informations on notehead/accidental-bracketing in Dorico.
Which glyphs exactly are needed to allow Dorico to produce round and square bracketed accidentals and noteheads?

I am aware of these glyphs for accidentals:
e26a, e26b - accidentalParensLeft/Right
e26c, e26d - accidentalBracketLeft/Right
Are these glyphs enough for bracketing accidentals in Dorico?

Then there are these glyphs for noteheads:
e0f4, e0f5 - noteheadParenthesisLeft/Right
But which are the glyphs for square bracketed noteheads?

There are also “recommended ligatures” for noteheads in parenthesis as well as for accidentals in parenthesis.
I do not see recommended ligatures for square bracketing.
Do they exist?

I must confess that I am still not very familiar with the process of creating and declaring ligatures but could you tell me if (in this case of bracketing notes and accidentals) they are absolutely necessary for Dorico?

Dorico doesn’t use any of the ligatures defined in Bravura for bracketed noteheads; the brackets are always positioned manually. Most of the time, Dorico doesn’t use glyphs for bracketing noteheads at all; by default, it uses primitive curves or square brackets drawn directly by the software. Optionally you can draw brackets around single notes using glyphs, but Dorico will always use primitives for chords. The glyphs you have identified are indeed the ones that Dorico uses when it draws brackets around single noteheads and single accidentals.

Thank you for your answer.
Sorry to ask a little further but I want to be sure.

Could you confirm that there are no extra glyphs for square bracketed single noteheads and that for square bracketing single noteheads Dorico uses the “accidentalBracketLeft/Right”?

Am I safe then if in my fonts I only create the glyphs I mentioned in my first post?

OK, thanks again.