GM 071 Bassoon /Contrabassoon - accent-problem

I’m writing for a windnonet. All the windinstruments from Halion sounds in my opinion really good. But I need also a Contrabassoon and loaded the GM-bassoon. Sounds fine in the ensemble. BUT. The notes with an accent produces both the wished note + a very deep bassoon-sound (the lowest C or C#). If I want a “realistic” playback I have to delete all accents in the contrabassoon. (It is easy done for the final mp3, but not usefull in the daily work).

I can’t eliminate the deep note in an equalizer (of course - it has partials). And the midi-sounds have no expression maps. As far as I can see.

Hope someone has a good advice.

Yours Arne Dich

This is quite simple. In Play Mode go to the VST rack on the right, and click on the cog button next to HALion Sonic SE. For the channel that has the bassoon, change the expression map from the HSO Bassoon to the CC11 one.

What is happening at the moment is that you’ve changed the sound from one that uses keyswitches to one that doesn’t, so Dorico is still playing the keyswitches, and now you hear those just as very low notes.

Thank you, Paul.
Quite an easy solution. It works fine now.
Fantastic that you Dorico-people always answer so quickly.
(The service is as good as the program. :smiley: )
Yours Arne Dich