GM Drummap oddity

Working with Addictive Drums and making a drum map.
This is how the GM Drum map looks like:
Skærmbillede 2016-12-09 14.12.14.png
Notice how after “B4 Castanets” there is suddenly a “F0 Scratch Push”. Why?? :astonished:


How did you make the Drum Map? Probably there are no sounds mapped on the Range of F#0 to Bb4?

Hi Martin
I copied the GM Map Template and started to edit that.
The whole section between C-2 to B-1 should be ABOVE the section displayed in the image. You know Steinberg think that the lowest keys has to go up to highest place (!).
Below the misplaced section the keys from C5 and up starts.
I hope you understand what I mean. You use to!! :smiley:


If I’m not wrong, you can define the order of the notes freely.