GM drummap with Halion Sonic SE

Today, a crazy problem.

I load up a VST in the rack, Halion Sonic SE.
I assign MIDI track to the Vst. I choose a drum sample, GM Jazz Kit.
I push some keys and I hear the drumsounds I want.
I want to point-and-click my rhythm so I choose a GM Drummap.
I push the keys on my midi keyboard again, and I do not hear a sound…
I point and click notes into the drummap and… No sound…
I play the file… no sound.
I switch back from GM Drummap to No map and the sound is back.
I go nuts… And ask you for help.

Did applying the GM Map change the midi channel you were connected to on that channel by any chance?

Map is GM by default. No need to select a map.

When loading a GM drummap, the track receives on channel 10. Sounds loaded in correct HSE slot?

I agree with Immortal.

If the track is armed for record then you will have sound. If not armed for record, hit the ‘speaker’ icon on your track and you can audition your keyboard. Also in my case the GM drumkit map is ‘on’ by default, even when it says ‘no drum map’.

Looking at the Drum Map the sounds are on the keys described, C2: ‘High Middle Tom’, for example. Is this not typical?

For me the point of using a drum map is to have the note C2 not simply say “C2” in the piano roll at the left of the midi editor but instead have a meaningful name such as “High Middle Tom”.

I use superior drummer for other things and those sounds are mapped differently. While I may eventually know that C2 is a high middle tom by memory in a GM drum set, I don’t want to have to memorize a different drum map should I switch to superior(or bfd) drums for a project.

Not looking to start a flame, just my opinion and of course YMMV.

Thnx everyone, I will check out all of this tonight.

Yup, loading up the drumkit in slot 10 of the Halion Sonic SE solved it! Thanks again.

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