GM Drums

How do you place the drums in the room ?
When i listen on headphones the hi-hat for example is far over to my right.
I want the hi-hat to be more central.

What drums are you using? Do you mean a GM kit within Groove Agent SE?

If it’as kit woithin GA SE then it depends on whether it’s an Acoustic or Beat Agent Kit though with either you assign the hi-hat to an output and then use the pan on the output to determine where it sits within the stereo field. If you mean from the room mix within an Acoustic kit then you can’t move them around but you can limit the amount of their signal picked up on the room mix and then just use the individual hi-hat output to position them.

That’ s what panning is intended for…
And maybe if you waste a little bit more of your precious time to give people a little bit of useful info,which sound creating device you are talking about, you might get some more useful information. :unamused:

Thanks planarchist.
I’m using Halion SE 3 and obviously if I use the pan control, the whole kit would be panned.
I would like to place individual parts of the kit.
No need for the hate svennilenni.

Not sure why you’d use Halion SE3 for drums rather than Groove Agent SE3 but your choice…but I don’t have a clue if you’re using Halion SE3.
With Groove Agent & its SE version you can pan the individual drums as I described.

At a guess you can’t move individual elements around in Halion SE3, you might be able in the full version of Halion.

Thanks planarchist,
This was in a Cubase 9.5 project template. I’ve copied the track 5 times and deleted 4 of the individual drum instruments so each part of the kit has its own track.
In future i’ll use Groove Agent