GM in Halion 4

My composer is based on General Midi files (GM ) for that i must assign GM sounds in the standalone version of Halion 4.
In Halion Sonic Se there is GM mode and in this i set the 16 channels on any in Cubase 6.5 and the composer can play the GM files. ( i am not sure about this anymore)

Now i am using H4 standalone… and must make device setup for 16 dynamic channels
The composer loads different midi accompaniments styles (sounds and midi channels chance per style) and the device setup uses dynamic midichannel assigning

If i put H4 in the GM mode : receive program changes = yes( the tooltip: Receive midi programs changes ) and RPN 0/1/2 = yes …than it must be ok ?
No… only to use when you know at forehand what midi channel and sound you gonna use for playback

There is no Gm mode possible in H4, when i use Internal Midi ( loopbackdriver ) and Halion with my composer who had dynamic midi channels assigning.
Halion Sonic has a gm mode and probably i can use there the composer but not for H4
H4 …cost a lot of money and has not the functionality of Halion Sonic for GM …grrr…terrible.

Perhaps, i can use H4 in Cubase 6 with a any channel assigning for the input routing…but stand alone it is not capable to play of my composer’s styles …perhaps do i miss something?

Solved…the Halion 4.5 update has a multi midi program load