GM Map with Halion Instrument track, no sound

Hello, new user and first post. I have Elements 11 and using Halion Sonic SE that came with it to create a drum track because I can’t find a jazz/brushes kit in Groove Agent :thinking:. When I change the ‘no drum map’ to ‘gm map’ I don’t get any sound (with or without pre-recorded content). In the editor (gm map) I can click on the labeled kick, snare, etc but I don’t get a sound. In the ‘no drum map’ setting, I get sound.

Any help is appreciated. Please let me know if there’s more information I can provide or if I should clarify my problem. Thank you in advance.

Which sound are you using on your Halion Sonic SE?

Drums&Perc > [GM 131] Jazz Kit. I tried 130 hip hop kit with same results. No drum map, I get sound. GM map, no sound.

Also, when I google “cubase gm map no sound” for example, I see a lot of thread links to steinberg forums but clicking any of them takes me to the forum’s homepage. I can’t find them using the forums search either. I’m sure that my answers are in those threads but I can’t access them. Any thoughts about that too?

Some time ago I somehow found a brush kit. It’d only show up in Cubase 7 or so with a really old version of Groove Agent SE 1 (or whatever it was called when it shipped with Cubase way back then), but not in newer versions with Groove Agent SE. I seem to recall exporting it somehow, and now it works for me in the newer versions.

If you happen to have the vstsound files on your system this preset should work. I’m not positive, but I ‘think’ the layers/samples come from one of the old “Beat Agent” libraries.

Brushkit + (77.6 KB)

Unzip that file, and drag the vstpreset file into a path that Groove Agent keeps scanned for content.
I.E. On my windows system it was living in:
“%USERPROFILE%\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Groove Agent SE\Program”

Give it a try…a decent brush kit mapped for GM.

If it can’t find the layers/samples, let me know and I’ll attempt to track down which libraries (vstsound files) it’s coming from. I’m pretty sure it came from a library that still ships with Cubase, but if not…perhaps we can figure out exactly which vstsound file it’s all living in. I’ve been building on this installation since Cubase 7, and I’m now on Cubase 11…so it’s possible some older content might have to be found and manually poked into a newer installation of Cubase/Groove Agent SE.

As of now I can see the vstsound ID…just not positive exactly which file it is on my hard-drive at this time. Will dig deeper if that preset doesn’t work for you though.

Thanks Brian. The folder “…VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Groove Agent SE” is empty and searching doesn’t find any files with the .vstpreset file type (the same Halion folder is also empty). I do have a “…WIN64\Groove Agent SE 5 Content (recommended)” folder that has ‘Steinberg VST Sound Archive’ files in it but other than that, I can’t find any other Groove Agent stuff on my computer.

The brush kit in Halion works fine for the time being, really I’d just like to figure out how to use the GM Map with Halion so that it’s one more tool in my box.

Whoa, I added it anyway and now I do see a ‘Free Jazz’ kit in Groove Agent: “Brushes + GM.” Maybe I didn’t notice it before but I’m assuming it’s from what I just did with your file. Thanks Brian!!! I’d still like to know how to get a GM map to work with Halion though. It’s supposed to right?

Yes, the GM map should work fine.

I’m assuming you mean the Drum Mapping feature of Cubase right?

With HALion and Sonic, you can go one further and pull in whatever those plugins are using at the moment…even if it’s not a standard GM map. There’s also an little XML hack if you want to ‘unlock’ the map so you can send things to other instrument ‘instances/MIDI devices/etc.’.

One moment and I’ll see if I can find those threads on the drum map XML hacks.

OK, since the conversion to the new forum I can’t seem to find my old thread on pulling in drum maps and stuff, so I’ll just try to make a new one. I’ll have to start up a Cubase session it could take a bit of time.

Short story is, you should be able to attach a drum map to a MIDI or Instrument track that points to HALion. Import the current map in the cases of HALion/Sonic/Groove Agent.

When you import it, you can change a lot of things in the Drum Map, EXCEPT for the plugin/device output. I can teach you a quick hack that will even allow you to change that (I.E. Have the same drum map send individual kit pieces to totally independent plugin instances, or out a MIDI port, or whatever).

When starting with a straight up GM Drum map, you can already edit the end point…but it’s a pain to have to go in and rename anything manually. Sometimes it’s just easier to ‘import’, do the hack, and then be able to change endpoints :slight_smile:

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Would importing a GM/Drum Map just give me the option to find one that already matches the names and positions with the samples in the Halion kit? I don’t mind having to do some rearranging, but I can’t even get the generic GM Map to make sound when I click on any of the ‘keys’ in the editor, even the ones that aren’t labeled. I’m just not sure if importing other GM Maps would change how the samples no longer seem to be routed once I change from no map to GM map. I hope this makes sense.

I’ve reported the issue of not everything having come across to the new forums, and also noted a temporary workaround in another thread:

and answered by @Ben_at_Steinberg :

Check the midi channel. The GM drum map might default to channel 10. But in Halion your program is probably on channel 1. That is if it is loaded in first slot. That could explain why you get no sound when using drum map.

Thanks Nico, I didn’t realize that the forum had recently gone through changes, that explains a lot. Sounds like they’re working on it though, I’ll definitely have more questions that I’m sure have been asked before.

Forgive me miso, but how do I check the MIDI channel for my Halion track? It’s track 3 if that helps. It does look like it’s in slot #1 when I open the VSTi tab on the right, not sure if that’s what you meant.

The currently selected HalionSE slot shows it’s midi channel next to the little midi icon at the top And you can also change it from there.

I meant the midi channel in the drum map.
I think you can change it for all drum sounds at once by holding ctrl.

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THAT’S IT!! Very excellent. Thanks miso. I never noticed the channel assignment in the drum map settings.

Thanks everyone, now I have two brushes kits to use (thanks Brian!), I know why I can’t access old threads (thanks Nico!), and I’ve got my Halion going (thanks miso!). Couldn’t have asked for more productive responses to all of my questions. And these won’t be the last…

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