GM MIDI playback

Acording to the manual, a few clicks on the MIDI controller and loading a “multi” from the media bay will get you a basic 16 track setup. that’s o.k.but when loading a MIDI file to play, although i can see the “program numbers” changing on each slot, no instruments are loaded nor are any sounds heard (obviously). Is there a GM soundset that is in HALion 4 or one that i can import from another program that would be recognized bty HAL ion4 ? HALion Sonic does this as a feature-and I would think this would be a “carryover” to HALion 4 for those of us who preview basic MIDI files from time to time. Could be I’m just missing something simple and would appreciate any guidance if this is possible. By the way- so far it works fine on Win XP sp3 32 bit. (yes, i know-why on earth are you still on 32 bit,…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!) :slight_smile:

ADDED: Actually took the dive and purchased HALion 4 ,set up smoothly and now the media gives me, under HALion 4 factory content, a GM multi-excatly what i was looking for! (don’t know if I just did not “find” it in the trail version, or if it is only included in the full version, or it was added in the 4.01 update.( which I did immediately after initial install) but at any rate there is much joy. Kudos to Steinberg :smiley:

… I was so exited about your post and followup which helped me to solve the same issue that I just made a short how-to clip on youtube which might help others as well:

Regards, Tomotello :smiley: