Gm midi

Hi, new to midi, but know cubase as recording tool. I want to add count in, on excisting gm midi file, and change instruments on single tracks, and I’m totally lost😡 I can import them, as single tracks. And play them and so on, but then what? any help apreciated.
Thanks in advance.

To insert e.g. 2 bars on song start:
Open Project > Signature Track > Process Bars Dialog…

Process Bars

Set Length in Bars to 2 (or the number you prefer)
Set Time Signature, if needed
Click Process

When bars were inserted, export song as MIDI file.

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You can also set the Left and Right locator over the (two) bars, you want to insert. Then go for Edit > Range > Insert Silence.

If you put the MIDI Part(s) on an Instrument Track rather than a MIDI Track, then you can just change the VSTi on the Instrument Track.

One common gotcha is that many GM files contain Program Change Messages which can cause the VSTi to use a different preset than you want. If this is the case the List Editor is the easiest way to find and delete any unwanted MIDI Messages.


Built in HALion Sonic SE supports GM Mode.

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Wow, thanks all🙂 now I can move on, into these midifiles…