[GM120] Reverse Cymbal Problem

I’ve recently encountered a problem with HALion Sonic 2.
Both VST and Standalone versions cause the issue.

When I load the “[GM 120] Reverse Cymbal” in the multi program rack and I play a random note on my midi controller (let’s say D2), I can notice that the sound does not continue until its end. In addition, after playing the sound, the red light in the upper-right corner of the GUI (“disk” indicator) turns on.

However, if I play a note like E5 or higher, then D2 again, everything starts working fine and the sound plays normally, until it finishes.
It’s really frustrating, because it affects the project rendering as well: if I don’t play a high-pitch note first, then the sound is shortened for some reason, even if the notes on the piano roll are 10 measures long!

This means that every time I load a project, I must play an E5 on HALion’s GUI first (not from a MIDI keyboard for instance), in order to make the Reverse Cymbal sound as it should.
I specify that this problem happens only with the reverse cymbal.
Another clue could be that… the performance balance between RAM and DISK affects this issue. The closer the slider is to the “disk” writing, the shorter is the sound.

Guys, please help!