Go get your FREE PLUG-IN at Waves TODAY

By the way, V9 still not running with Win8. L2 for just $79,00! Only this weekend.


markino, hey, I did pick this up and some other things, too. I was thinking it was not going to be used much but then I found the perfect thing for it. I had a midi track that was using a B3 patch, it crackled if you raised the level too much in it’s midi form. So I did a mixdown and brought it back as an audio wave file, applied the ‘Knob’ to an insert and it did a great thing, IMO. I was able to bring up the volume without any added distortion and seemed a bit more lively than just adding gain to the wave. ?? Interesting. BTW, the Waves site is a cluster!! I loaded my purchased plugins the same day but this Knob didn’t happen until today. :laughing: Oh well.

Anyway, that’s something for free that actually got some use, ha! Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.

I got my free plug-in and also purchased Native Power Pack.

When I use one of the Waves mono plugs on a mono clip in montage. It tells me that it is a stereo track or clip. It forces me to use the stereo version of the plug, even though it is a mono file.

Is this common?

Hm, I haven’t tried to edit a mono file! :laughing: I’ll give it a go tomorrow and get back to you if nobody else does.

It sometimes happens even in the wave editor for some plugs, normal behaviour.

OK, I haven’t tried this yet but I defer to markino on this. If he says its normal then it must be.

OK, update here. I did load a mono wave, set the Master output to MONO, and all my Waves MONO plugins will load, no problem. At first, I had other stereo waves loaded in my montage and had some stereo plugins loaded to the Master output. WLE7 told me I had to use STEREO plugins, and I could not switch the Master output to MONO. After I unloaded these STEREO plugins and switched the Master output to MONO, I received no warnings and the mono plugins loaded without hesitation.

So I suggest you are possibly making a mistake in your Master output section if you are having problems with your Waves plugins. :slight_smile:

I think I now understand.
The plug-in is not concerned if the clip is a mono clip on a track, but rather, if the output of that track is in mono or stereo.

Thanks for clarifying ‘normal’


Yes Donx, you are welcome, for ‘normal’ I meant that this kind of issues happens sometimes with certain Waves plugs, you will then discover going on, but this strange behaviour does not affect the reliability of these excellent plugs. I meant that either Elements or Waves do work fine.

My best