"Go Girl"

Comments to improve the mix for the song “Go Girl” would be appreciated. http://www.myspace.com/danbelina

The bass line in sections plays root + 10th, I’ve been having hell with masking from 2 bass tracks running concurrently I think that I’ve fixed it by hard panning. (hell, I’ve been having problems with bass in general, turns out the pickups were set too high and saturating everything below 80hz - and being bass, I record it without a hpf)

Any suggestions on improving my noob mixing would be appreciated. I’m a bassist, the mixes that I’m used to hearing are from standing in front of my amp with the drums next to one ear, struggling to hear the vox and wanting to turn down the guitarist by at least 80% :unamused: so I can appreciate that my levels/reverb/eq etc are probably wide of the mark.

Thanks people.

It sounds fine to me – nice and clear, I can hear everything, especially the lyric.

I can’t get anything to play in Myspace anymore. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Anyway, I gave it a try.

Thanks Twilightsong and Early21, I appreciate your efforts, it’s a generous thing to help a stranger.

Twilightsong, I can thank steinberg and rode for it being nice and clear. I bought a Steinberg mr816csx DSP (nice preamps in it) and a Rode nt2a condensor mike and an accoustic shield for the mike. With relatively clean signals (I still need to treat the room), I can get a better track with a very average performance than I used to get on crap gear with my best guitaring or singing.

Hi I like the use of the two basses. I’m very much not a bass player but it’s something I’ve experimented with but only used subtley for a couple of bars in one tune.

I found the tue enjoyable and a little different to listen too. Listening to ‘Pigs don’t fly’ as I type. Your music is a bit different to most of whats usually posted. :sunglasses: