Go Pro camera for video

If i buy a Go Pro to record myself playing guitar, can i import it directly into Cubase, or convert it with the Go Pro Studio software that comes with the camera? Or, will i have to buy some other editing software?
Just trying to get an idea of what i would need to do some basic video work with my songs…

I haven’t tried to load a GoPro video directly in to Cubase, but virtually any video editing software will only work if you convert the file first, with the GoPro software.

Pretty sure you will need to convert…the GoPro studio will export to a mov that should work…but there are a few free options for video conversion that will definitely work.

Chance are you’ll soon want to experiment with editing in some different camera angles etc and I don’t see any multiple lanes in the GoPro software that would let you easily sync up multiple takes.

So you will certainly be able to get started using the GoPro software (or any number of free video converters) but expect to want a slightly more sophisticated editing software at some point…one of the cut down versions should suit you fine…Premiere Elements, Sony Movie Studio etc.