Go-slow log-in etc.

Tonight it took five tries and several minutes for me to log-in to the forum. I thought it must be heavy “traffic” but only mashedmitten, zebbie and 0 guests were reported on the board index. (20.22 local time UK).

It seems to be getting more frequent - getting a message posted sometimes takes an age and several times I’ve top-righted because the “You have been logged out” page hasn’t appeared.

Is it something that needs to be addressed? Are there any Firefox tweaks I can try? :confused:

Same here on IE9 :frowning:

It’s been absolutely terrible all day! - I ‘eventually’ posted in the Forum issues forum.

Today the forum seemed down for several hours. It’s not the first time I find Steinberg forums not working. I guess it’s hard to have a forum working in 2011 :confused:, other forums that work flawlessly might be managed by geniuses.

So you guys must have been on the forum but “hidden”. Maybe that’s it - 300 “hidden” members might slow things down! :slight_smile:

Same here on IE8 through Avant Browser shell.

:imp: :mrgreen:

Firefox here, forums been a bit poo all day. Seems OK now though…

Not been on today but it’s very good now, not even the random timeouts I usually have… Knock on wood.


We need Sparky again, it seems


The forum has been impossible to log into all evening until 21:49 UK time and it’s very slow. What’s going on??? Only me and 0 guests reported logged in. THIS IS FRUSTRATING :imp: :imp: :imp:

You’re not joking, slow to impossible

Yup I"ve had the same problem today. Seems like every time I’ve been on. It only seems to be speeding up a little now.

—[edit] or not…
Just counted. Still taking 15 seconds between each navigation.

This lasted till just now, about 8:15 PM San Antonio time (“Tulsa Time”), which makes it about a 3 hr window of not being able to log on.

Get off their case, Fogal. Spanking is important for forum maintenance, too! :mrgreen:

Don’t forget they are preparing to move offices, I doubt they have much time to focus on this… I was almost imagining that perhaps it was a DOS attack or something! :wink:

Who got guested? :laughing:

Haha… had the same brief thought. A DOS attack by a disgruntled banned member!!!

But seriously, last night for at least 6 or 7 hours the forum was mostly unavailable, moving office shouldn’t make any difference to a forum hosted on a separate system. Besides we seem to get slowdowns and timeouts very frequently.


oopsssss sorry people i thought i was hacking in too a well known games network to retrieve more creditcard details ! :blush: :laughing: :laughing:

That was serious bandwidth issues last night i think i actually managed to login 2 times in 5 hours .
i don’t know about anyone else but most days at 3.00-4.00pm gmt time it always slows right down and for around 1 hour its impossible to log in ( of course i only try it once in a while so don’t tell the mrs )!