"Go To" Bar for Continuous Bar Numbers Across Flows

Hi all. For the piece I’m creating, it doesn’t make sense to restart bar counts each movement, so I’ve made continuous bar numbers throughout all 4 movements.

However, when I try to use “Go To” a bar, it forces me to select the movement (flow) and then bar number. Is there any way to bypass this so I can just select a bar number and go to that without needing to also select the flow? It’s a pain to use the mouse when I’m just trying to quickly jump to a bar in the piece. Thanks!

Does using the Jump Bar with simply the bar number help?
Otherwise, always in the jump bar, if you know where a certain bar is, you could write “f3b250” to be brought to bar 250, which should be found in the 3rd flow.

Thanks. Alas, Jump Bar “Go To” only works for the flow in view (without adding the “f” for flow number, that is.). Any other ideas for just going to a specific bar without having to select the flow number or be viewing the flow?

Is there a GoTo Marker capability one could use instead, at least to get one within a page or so of the desired location?