Go To Bar in Galley view

In Galley view, Go To Bars (Ctrl G) moves the selected bar to the top left. However it only responds if the bar isn’t showing. So if I want to shift it so a particular bar I can see is at the left, it doesn’t change. It would be nice if it could do so?

More importantly, it won’t move even if only the start of the bar is visible on the right. So if for example the start of bar 10 is at the right, Going To Bar 10 does nothing, but Going To Bar 11 moves 11 to the left, with 10 not visible. That makes it awkward to scan through the score without the mouse.

If there’s something I’m missing, please let me know, otherwise add to the list?



I agree about the behavior of Go To Bar, although I know the way it currently works is as intended (i.e. if any part of the destination/selection is in view, don’t scroll) so I’m not hopeful they will change it.

The only thing you may be missing is that you can scroll left and right from the keyboard with Home and End.


I was about to make exactly the same points as @Neil_Stoker when I found his post. I too suspected that I might be missing something, but in view of Mark’s reply perhaps I’m not.

When I’m thinking of editing a particular bar, I usually want to see it in the context of the passage it’s part of. So it’s not ideal if, when I “Go To” that bar, it appears at the extreme left, and I can’t see the bar before it. Nor is it ideal if the Go To command has no effect at all because the start (but only the start) of the bar I want is already visible at the extreme right.

A further point. If I had noticed that the bar I want (or at least part of it) is already visible, I wouldn’t be bothering with the Go To command in the first place, because I would know that it wasn’t going to do anything. I will only be using it if I think that the bar I want is currently invisible and will therefore appear on the left. So what happens is that I look for it on the left, don’t find it, and eventually realise that it’s somewhere else. I would like to have an option which causes the Go To command to put the specified bar in the same position (preferably the centre, but the left would do) irrespective of whether it was originally visible somewhere.

Failing that, when Dorico declines to put the bar I want on the left because it’s already visible somewhere else, it would be nice if it gave me a hint to that effect (such as momentarily highlighting that bar?) rather than metaphorically folding its arms and waiting for the penny to drop.

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I agree with @Wensleydale on all points. I’m sure my projects are simple in comparison many others, and even so, working on the whole requires great concentration. Being able to focus on one part of the screen and bring any bar into view wherever it currently is would save some headspace.