Go to FX Channel (2 versions)

Hello, Cubase Nation and our developers we love! :slight_smile:

I’ve needed it all the time since I started working with Cubase some time ago (probably 8th version) and I hope my idea will at lerast entertain you all tonight :slight_smile:

Version 1: in the popup menu when you click on channel sends beside of adding fx channel there should be a menu item that gets you to the existing/attached channel.

Version 2: in channel sends stripe of the project window there should be a triangles active if there is a channel attached to the slot. This triangle (on click) opens the insert stripe of attached channel. Ooh! That’s would be the whole upgrade worth :slight_smile:

Look at these self explanating pictures. Two versions. Which version do you like more?

Hi. If you want to edit your Effect from the SENDS view in the mix console, for example you must press ALT + DOUBLE CLICK on the shipment, the GUI of your effect will appear. now i don’t remember if it works in the inspector.


As you see from my post and pictures, I know that we can edit one (really only one, I suppose the first in stack) fx. I’m talking about accessing whole insert slot of FX channel. Do you see a difference?