Go to FX channel from SEND´s Right Click menu?

Hi, when right clicking a SEND in the channel settings window that goes to an FX channel ,you get the option “edit xx fx”. Now, if I have several inserts on that FX channel, I won´t get to choose which one I want to edit really, only (i think, may be wrong) the first Insert created on that particular FX channel.

This feels inconsistent and not 100 % well thought out. I wonder if there is a way to go to that FX channel strip somehow from the channel settings window, like you do when you’re clicking the “show output chain” to show and be able to edit the grouping chains…?

I am new with Cubase and I have some memory that I accidentally managed to do this somehow a while ago but I´m not sure I did actually.



+1 on the “show output chain” for sends.