Go to last rehearsal mark?

I’d like to be able to select anywhere in a score ( not necessarily on a rehearsal mark ) and hit a key command to go to the last rehearsal mark without dealing with dialog boxes. Is there some way to do that? I know there’s a Go To Rehearsal Mark function but it’s a dialog box where I select the rehearsal mark I want, but that’s a bit tedious for a fast workflow.

This, along with something like “Go to [end of] last note entered in flow” would both be frequently useful. We can scroll to the end of the last flow with one keystroke, but much more often one needs to pick up where entry left off in the current flow.

You should be able to select any rehearsal mark, then navigate to others by pressing the right/left arrow keys.

Hmm, if I do that it just selects the note to the left or right. I guess I should be able to reassign left and right in Preferences key commands?

It works as expected here (in Dorico 5) – select one rehearsal mark, and only the rehearsal mark, then use the arrow keys to navigate through rehearsal marks (i.e. to items of the same type). This won’t work if your initial selection also included a note, say.

Oh, I’m not talking about selecting a Rehearsal Mark first. I was asking if you could select anywhere in a score and hit a command to go to the previous Rehearsal Mark. That would be super useful for quick navigation.

I know, I was joining in the conversation with an alternative idea that you can employ for quick navigation around rehearsal marks in Dorico as it stands today.

Ok thanks, sometimes I’m not near a rehearsal mark while working in a score so it would take some time to find it to do what you’re suggesting. Can my suggestion be added as a feature request? Often times I use rehearsal marks to delineate small sections while composing and as I’m composing I’d like to be able to quickly navigate to the start of the section to hear it back.

While I’m working on a long piece I often put a heap of rehearsal marks in as ‘bookmarks’, and when I’ve finished working on the piece and doing layout, I delete all the unnecessary ones.


Yes, I also use rehearsal marks like that. In Cubase I’d use Markers and it’s easy to set up a key command to navigate to previous Marker from anywhere in the project. Am looking for something like that in Dorico.

Excuse my ignorance, but this sounds useful. What is the keystroke for this?

End scrolls to the right.
CommandEnd (Mac) or CtrlEnd (Windows) scrolls all the way right.

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