Go To Next/Previous Flow strange behaviour [SOLVED]

“Go To Next/Previous Flow” is a really usefull function when you work with multiple flows!
I created two shortkeys for them: CTRL + - and CTRL + .
As I begun to use this function I believe to remember that everything worked as it should but since two days for some reasons I encounter the following behaviour:

  1. I open a project and I am at the beginning of the project, “Go To Next Flow” does not work at all
  2. “Go To Previous Flow” leads to the before last flow (penultimate)
  3. From there I can use “Go To Previous Flow”, let say I go from flow 23 stepping back to flow 19.
    When I now go to Flow 1 with “CTRL + Pos1” using “Go To Next Flow” leads me to flow 20 (one flow more than the one I stepped back)
  4. This behaviour seems to be consequent and only after I step back through all flows to the first flow it seems that the two shortkeys work as they should.
  5. When I go to the end of the project with “CTRL + End” and try to use “Go To Previous Flow” it leads me somewhere else than to the previous flow.
    BTW each time at to different flow and here too there is a kind of decreasing number.
  6. If I navigate through the project with “Page up/Down” the two shortkeys do not work as they should but go to the next/previous flow from where I was as I navigated with “Page up/down”.
    Example: I am at flow 16, I step back with Page Down to flow 12, Now I call “Go To Next Flow”, this leads me to flow 17 and not 13 as expected.

Fazit: though basically very usefull “Go To Next/Previous Flow” can behave quite chaotic (at least on my system)!

BTW I get exactly the same behaviour wether I use shortkeys or the Write/Edit/ Go To menu items.

Have you got local time signatures or barlines?
Or have you taken flows out of the master frame chain and/or used LA frames?
There are known limitations here…

Are local time signature independent time signatures?
If yes, no nothing special in this project.
Local barlines?
I don’t know what it is, then I probably do not have some :wink:

No, these are all MA frames each including all flows.
What I do have is at the moment in one song several frames on a page as I showed in the second post of this thread:

Out of curiosity could you point me to the “known limitations” you mention?

The only thread that instantly appears in my first search is: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=130775

Any flows in the project that don’t contain any music at all? As in, just text information? I’m pretty sure the team already know that in projects where there are flows that don’t have any players assigned to them, the “Go to” function gets stuck.

No, all flows contain music, all are activated at least for the layouts I am working with.
And as I mentioned when I once step backward from the before last flow then the function works (though not really if I use CTRL+End).
I assume you never encountered this behaviour?

I know that I’ve encountered this behaviour; I just can’t remember which project! I can find a project where it gets stuck, and I know why it gets stuck, but I can’t instantly find a project that does precisely what your project is doing.

BTW I just did a quick test with 12 flows each containing one instrument and one bar music.
I definitely encounter the part 5 and 6 described in my first post.
Otherwise it behaves as it should.

Wait a sec. Does each flow start at bar 1?

Yes, these are 22 songs from a musical.

Hmm. The only reason I ask is that (as I understand it) the flow navigation functions go to bar 1 of a flow. If a flow starts at bar 2, or bar A or bar anything else, the function can’t find the flow.

In the meantime I believe that I found some kind of consistency in the behaviour of the “Go To Next/Previous Flow” function.

  1. If I first select any flow using the Flows panel in Setup Mode, then work and navigate only within this flow, the “Go To Next/Previous Flow” function works as expected.
  2. But as soon as I use something else to navigate to another flow (either “Move View Up/Down” or “Move View to End/Start”) the “Go To” function does not behave any more as expected but moves from the flow that has been previously selected in the Flows panel and does not take in consideration in which flow I really am at the moment.

I am quite sure though that this description is not complete and that it lacks a full understanding of the logic behind, but I find this behaviour irritating.

Questions to the Dorico team:
Is it the way it should be?
Is there any chance to make the Go To function always behaving as expected (I mean going to the next or previous flow from where I am in the moment I use this function) independently from how you have reached a position?

The next or previous flow is determined based on whichever flow Dorico considers the current one, which is the one whose name appears in the title bar of the window. Making a selection, or inputting notes, or any other kind of edit in a particular flow will make it the current one: however, simply navigating the view won’t change the current flow, as you will see by keeping an eye on the name of the flow shown in the title bar of the window as you scroll or use keyboard shortcuts to move the view.

Presumably this is why zooming in and out also jumps from the current view to some other part of the score.

@ Daniel at Steinberg
Oh! I did not pay enough attention to the title bar!
It all makes sense now.
Thank you for the explanations

It seems indeed as if something is selected in a flow then zooming in/out behaves as it should and stays focussed on the selected item.
Otherwise the behaviour is quite unpredictable.

No, Ben, that’s not the reason for zooming being unpredictable. But you will find that zooming when there is no selection will feel much better in the next update.