Go To rehearsal mark in any flow please

See title. I’m working on a rather long multi-flow piece with rehearsal marks into the double letters - the letters run consecutively through all flows. It would be really nice if I could Go To say rehearsal Aa without having to navigate flows first.

That’s all!

Have you tried the Jump Bar?

Just tested this and there does seem to be weird quirk with this. If I have 3 flows with 3 rehearsal letters each, and am viewing the 2nd flow containing letters DEF, then typing “ra” into the Jump bar Go to takes me to letter D, not back to A in the first flow. It would be nice if this worked across flows.

Yes, but I just did a sanity check and ran into what @FredGUnn mentioned. In a flow where the first rehearsal mark is K, using Go To “ra” (yes in the jump bar) takes me to K.

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I guess this is a side effect of not having an option for allowing the sequence of rehearsal marks span multiple flows. And of course, it’s unlikely that I’d be able to remember that “in flow 2 type rb to go to rehearsal F, in flow 5 type ra to go to rehearsal Z…”

This would be hard to do reliably, but I will make a note of it and see if it’s something I can figure out at some point.


Thanks Daniel. When I think about it, it’s probably a deceptively complicated problem to solve!

I won’t be upset if you tackle trombone glisses first.

edit: I’m kidding about glisses

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I’ve got rehearsal letters resetting per flow (default setting) and I can’t get the jump bar to do what I expect. If I’m in a flow and want to get to a rehearsal mark in that flow, r[n] works fine. Ditto if I want to go to a bar number in the same flow (b[n]) or a different one (e.g. f[n]b[n]). But I get no response from a command like f2rb to go to a rehearsal mark in a different flow.

That’s a good idea, Gareth. I’ll look into expanding the syntax to allow going to a flow and then to a rehearsal mark in that flow.