Go to start of selection

I’m cutting/pasting lo-o-o-o-ng passages from one staff to another as part of the process of tidying up after XML import. Could I just check that there isn’t presently a shortcut to jump back to the start of the selection? At present I’m just tapping the Home key repeatedly until I see the start of the orange-ness, and I can’t think of a quicker way. I tried the idea of noting down the bar number of the start of the selection and then using the Go To function, but that didn’t stick with the selected staff.

Cmd-g, 1, enter

Thanks, but that takes me to bar 1 of the selected flow - I’d prefer in this context to go to the start of the selected series of bars. In this short example it’d be bar 9:

So if the whole selection were in view (as it is in this example) I could certainly use Go To Bar (as I can see the bar number and don’t need to note it down). But I’m making much longer selections, and additionally need to work in galley view, so the start of the selections are out of view by the time I’ve finished selecting the material I need.

Have you tried just pressing Left arrow? That should navigate you to the item immediately before the start of the selection.

Why not use the caret? Make the selection, then hit Shift-N, Cmd/Ctrl-X to cut, up/down arrows to get to the destination stave, Cmd/Ctrl-V to paste.

Lillie - I hadn’t thought of that! Trouble is, it also deselects the selection. Here’s what I presently do - you can see the first bar being selected, then the End button navigating bar by bar to the place where I want the selection to end; I click there and the whole passage gets selected. Then you see the journey back to the start of the selection, and it’s that process that I was referring to in my original query - whether I could just jump there rather than ‘hunting’ backwards. It’s no big deal - I’m getting quite used to doing it the above way in any case.

How about shift-leftarrow? Not quite, but close😊

Hi there

Could you form the selection starting at the end and working your way to the beginning? Just a thought, haven’t tried it out.


An elegant solution! All it would need would be a period of getting used to it, and that’d be unlikely to take long. I shall give it a try!