Go to "X" measure


Is there a way to make the cursor go to a specific measure by typing the measure number? Example, in Digital Performer you click (.) on the numeric pad then you input measure number hit enter and you’re there.



Cubase 6.5.4

How about using the transport bar…!?

on the numeric pad

Don’t have one.

Aloha j,

Nice idea and nice feature in DP.
I could see this being very useful in many situations.
Would be nice to have the option.

at the point when I am tracking a jazz group or
a solo slack key guitar or an ‘a capella’ church choir etc,
bars and measures in Cubase mean absolutely diddly.
and I don’t mean ‘Bo’

In those scenarios (and many more) typing in a ‘time index’
would be much more helpful.

Or vox commands!!! would also be a’ killer feature.

Imagine being able to just say things like:

“go to bar 100” and start play.


'“Go to 1 minute and 12 seconds” and pause. etc
and Cubase just does it.


Cubase 6.5.4[/quote]
How about using the transport bar…!?[/quote]

The point is to try to use the mouse as least as possible. Being able to go to a specific measure just by typing it makes everything (editing, mixing, revisions, etc.) smoother in my opinion. Not criticizing Cubase 'cause I love this program, just wondering if I had that option.

The point is you don´t need to use the mouse - simply use a key command - default is [shift]+[p]

Here’s another way, using the Marker track, might just be an inefficient workaround:

I put markers at the bar in question, and label them like “Bar X”, or “Chorus”. Then you can use key commands “B” and “N” for “Back” and “Next” to navigate quickly to the adjacent marker (I think there’s a modifier needed, like “Shift”, as well).

Or, can just use the numeric keypad on the right to navigate directly to Marker “N”.

No typing involved ever, except with the initial labeling of the marker.

You´re welcome…

Logic Pro has a similar feature - [/] + bar number takes you to a bar. But, I didn’t know about [shift] + [p] in Cubase so this has solved a problem that has been annoying me for years. So, a BIG thanks thinkingcap.

I’ve just found out that shift+p works without the transport bar displayed, so this is even better :smiley: