"Godzone" feat Ralph Zeuner & Jamstix

A fresh remix of a chillax choon from the archives. Mr Ralph “Jamstix” Zuener himself was kind enough to operate the Jamstix controls on this one back in the day:



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ethereal and slightly remorseful track but I enjoyed it because I like sad music, seems to me that the drums were slightly out of time particularly when the guitar started…but then I have got me cloth ears on :laughing:

best Kevin.

They were… but they’re not anymore :smiley:

Cheers! :sunglasses:

Good to hear some of this older stuff remixed based on new skills. I have a lot to learn from you!

Kevin, stop saying you have “cloth ears”. It is evident that you do not!

Yup! Sure has been a productive year! So far I have remixed/rebuilt 64 songs/instrumentals and finished off 13 tracks - now featured as part of 2 new albums. All part of getting my affairs in order as it were :sunglasses:

I also spent a considerable amount of time updating the tracks on various websites - Bandcamp, Sounclick etc. THAT took hours of uploading time! And I’m not done yet … :neutral_face:

I actually have another CD from 2008, co-written and recorded with my ex, that I’d quite like to re-visit too.