goes to different part in Print Mode

Just a thought for the developers… for example, I’m working on the Clarinet 1 part in Write and Engrave Mode, when it is done, I switch over to Print Mode. I’d like to just hit print, but, in Print Mode it goes back to the last part I printed in Print Mode (example - Oboe 2). Would be nice if, when switching modes, it stayed on the same part. Thx!

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think we will do this: if Dorico were to change the selection of layouts in the Layouts panel in Print mode when you go into the mode, that could be very annoying if you had selected a bunch of parts to print, spotted a problem, dashed back to Write mode to fix it, and then gone back to Print mode and found the selection of layouts lost because it’s synced up with the layout you edited in Write mode.