GoFundMe for a new eLicenser server for Steinberg

Does anyone know how to to setup a GoFundMe page so that we can all chip in an buy Steinberg a new eLicenser server?
We need to come together in these trying times to help out!

Does not help if they put it in their server basement where the inbound connections are still limited.

I heard rumors that soon there will be services which call themself “Cloud Services” with On-Demand scaling of servers etc.
Hope one day in 2050 these quantum operated servers will exist.
I have filed a paper mail with my activation code in the meantime to Hamburg, guess it will be faster than the online method.

It’s a once a year thing! Just calm down!


Nope, I won’t. Why should I? If this was Microsoft, how the world would be on fire?
And don’t forget the users who lost their working licenses during the process?

Steinberg just does not care!

Don’t give them any more money. The inept management will fix nothing and just give themselves bonuses.

happens every time, and they don’t care … https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=250&t=109355

Sorry guys I didn’t realise you’d lost your Cubase 10.5 license.

I’d be mad if it was me knowing the stress you will now have to go through.

Apologies I thought it was a case of you just couldn’t get in! My mistake.

Hope you get it sorted.

I doubt the management know how to fix this. That’s usually why Managers are Managers and staff are staff. Managers are there to make money for the company and manage the staff. The staff do the hard graft in my experience.

Management is there to direct staff to do things and, you know, plan launches, including allocating funds for extra license server capacity on launch day.

A joke right… Good one… :slight_smile:

Regards :sunglasses: