going back to 8.5

hi I have got a copy off Cubase 9 but don’t want to use it and want to go back to 8.5 how do I do this as its keeps telling me to register it

and all my dongle as on it is Cubase 9

can any one help

Cubase 8.5 should run fine using the Cubase 9 license on the dongle.

Maybe screencap the registration message…isn’t there just an option to not ask again??

Why would you want to use Cubase 8.5 when Cubase 9 does all of the same things and is more stable?

Do you have a copy of the installation files for 8.5 or is that what you’re looking for?

The licence for version 9 on your USB dongle will allow you to run 8.5 if you have it.

I can think of at least one very legitimate AMAZINGLY SOUND reason - no 32bit plug support.

Hey, you asked! :slight_smile:

You can use jBridge for that which runs 32 bit plugins but better than Cubase 8.5 ever did.

yes but that doesn’t help the folks who have dozens of projects running 32 bit plugs in them. We’re basically forced to finish all those in 8.5, then required to KEEP 8.5 in case we ever need to go back. Kinna sucks if you ask me. But I understand why, naturally. An all 64bit environment can only help.

As with most of those general comments from you, this is once more not entirely true.

You can finish them using jBridge. The correct plugins and settings are loaded.

jBridge is objectively superior to the Cubase 8.5 bit bridge in pretty much every aspect. Not only is it much more stable and safe to use due to its better sandbox implementation, it also offers various compatibility options that allows it to run plugins that never worked with Cubase 8.5, or didn’t run properly, even in the 32 bit version. The only downside is that it doesn’t work with the stock plugins included during the Cubase SX era. Sucks for the 5 people who still used them.

Cubase gained an infamy for being unstable, but this was mostly due to people insisting to use 32 bit plugins using the internal bit bridge, ignoring the fact that it was only meant as a transitional aid. They added this so you could open old projects in 64 bit Cubase and change the plugins to newer alternatives. These comments about Cubase being unstable have almost completely disappeared after Cubase 9 was released.

I get OP’s point. Sometimes it’s easier/best to just roll back and ‘get it done’. You’ve put alot of work into it, and left it in a state that’s really pick up and use in your next session(s). All you want to do is open the project and go to work…

For new projects and 32bit only plugins you can’t bare to part with:

jBridge works well for me (my 32bit collection of irreplaceable plugins is pretty small though).

A 32bit instance of Bidule via ReWire is also an interesting and very stable option for bringing in a larger variety of plugin instruments not natively compatible with CuBase.