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Homies, Homets,

Diving in and failing. Is there any way to get the metronome to play louder? I see the settings page and it’s already at 127 Max.

Also, if I’m playing on a VST track and want to change-say-an insert effect on that track-is there a way to make it stop jumping to the mixer and disabling live playback until I click back on that track?

One more-this one I think I’ve asked before so apologies: but if you have a region highlighted and the spans go beyond the cycle range, is there a key command to cut off the overages? In Logic I’m used to clicking on a region, hotkey to cycle loop that region-then back \ to cut off the parts outside the cycle area. So specifically, is there a way to create this workflow?

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If you use Control Room, you can adjust the Click Level for every bus individually. By default, it’s set to 0.0dB, you can increase it up to +6dB.

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Yes, there is.
Edit → Crop Range
You have to use the Range tool instead of the cycle markers, though.

Yes, engage monitoring on the track.


Johnny M.

Thank you sir!

Is there a way to make this automatic? So it follows each selected track?