Going Back

I can honestly say that this one could have only happened in Cubase 8 as the chord track was invaluable.

Anyway here it is http://www.broadjam.com/player/player.php?hosting=1&play_file=22986_671120

Oh and I will be back to listen to other tracks so sorry for appearing a little aloof or distant at times.


Nicely laid back track. Spacious mix. Quite an abrupt end, though, which did surprise.


Thanks Jonathan and you could be right about the end so I may well take that out beat out LOL



Lovely & laid back. Liked it a lot & nice separation in the mix.

very good soundtrack music! I enjoyed it!

  1. Panning was a little extreme … or not … it’s not really that absolute… some might like it!
  2. If it wasn’t a soundtrack, I would have pointed out that drum lines and percussion instruments have little variation ,but it’s a soundtrack ,so … all’s well!

BTW, I liked the middle-east-y instrument part too!