Going from Elemants trial version to Artist 8.5

Hi all.

Please excuse me if this has been covered in another thread, but I have been trialing the Elements version of Cubase and have decided to upgrade to the full version of Artist 8.5. Do I just download or install the full version and then delete the trial version after? Also, as I will need a usb for licencing should I just purchase a boxed version with the usb or download the version and purchase the usb separately? Whats the advantage of boxed over download or vice versa.

Thanks for reading. ( by the way, I’m loving Cubase! )

No advantage either way other than the obvious…boxed version can include the dongle, download version is immediate access (but useless without a dongle) and more eco friendly.

There is no printed manual anymore which used to be the main difference.

Note that other resellers sometimes have better prices on boxed versions.

Thanks Grim, thought that might be the case. So do I just install the full version and then delete the trial after? Also it says that I can’t download the Artist version on the Steinberg site in my country ( Austraia ) WTF!

Sometimes it´s useful to first look, then post…

Either that way or the other way ´round

Just looking for answer svennilenni, not a lecture…