Golden Globe Predictions - Including Best Song / Score

Here’s what I think will win vs. what I think was the best nominee. I’ve seen 63 of the 70 nominations.

Best Movie - Drama

Winner : The Social Network
Best: The Social Network

Best Movie - Comedy / Musical

Winner : The Kids are Alright
Best: The Kids are Alright

Best Movie - Animated

Winner : Toy Story 3
Best: Tangled

Best Movie - Foriegn

Winner : Biutiful
Best: PASS - I’ve only seen “I Am Love” in this category, and it sucked

Best Actor - Drama

Winner : Colin Firth
Best: TIE - Jesse Eisenberg / Ryan Gosling

Best Actor - Comedy / Musical

Winner : Johnny Depp (Alice)
Best: Kevin Spacey

Best Actress- Drama

Winner : Natalie Portman
Best: Natalie Portman

Best Actress- Comedy / Musical

Winner : Annette Bening
Best: Julianne Moore

Best Actor - Supporting

Winner : Christian Bale
Best: Christian Bale

Best Actress- Supporting

Winner : Melissa Leo
Best: Amy Adams

Best Director

Winner : David Fincher (Social Network)
Best: David Fincher (Social Network)

Best Screenplay

Winner : Aaron Sorkin (Social Network)
Best: Aaron Sorkin (Social Network)

Best Score

Winner : Alexandre Desplat (King’s Speech)
Best: Danny Elfman (Alice in Wonderland)

Best Song

Winner : Bound To You (Burlesque)
Best: Bound To You (Burlesque), but they ALL really suck this year

So what do you do in your spare time :mrgreen:

I got 10 of 14 correct. Not that great. Missed the two MUSIC categories. :imp:

The Globes are almost totally illegitimate anymore… and the Oscars aren’t far behind. The only reason I watch is ti check out the women. :laughing:

It’s still more relevant than the Grammy’s.

Note I said “Illegitimate” not “irrelevant”

Oscar nominations just came out. I’ve seen an even 100 out of the 120 nominations to date (83%). Most that I haven’t seen are the animated / live action / documentary SHORTS, as well as the foreign movies. The animated and live actions shorts are usually bundled as two movies that get distributed and shown in major market theaters a couple of weeks before the Oscars, so I hope that still happens. I’ve seen one foreign (Dogtooth) and one will come to the theaters on Friday (Biutiful), but the others are going to be tough, and the documentary shorts almost impossible.

Last year, I only missed seeing 3 documentary shorts, but saw all the remaining 118 nomination (there were 121 nominations last year). This year will be tougher - So we’ll see how my quest to see ALL 120 nominatins before the Oscars on Feb 27.

Yes, I have some time on my hands. :slight_smile:

Wait :astonished: :open_mouth: - I just found this:

This is frickin’ AWESOME!! :smiley:

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