[Gone away]Insert and Channel Strip presets - no dialogue box

All of a sudden I am getting no dialogue box for either Strip or Insert presets (from either the Inspector or the Edit Channel box). EQ presets are still available normally and I reset the filter in case that was doing it. Anyone any ideas? Cheers, C

It turned into a general presets problem (dialog appearing but constantly searching and finding nothing). Never mind, it’s sorted itself out. Don’t know what it was all about, except there’s just been a major Win 10 update that meant that Cubase caused a couple of permission errors when fired up (to do with folder access). This required me to add Cubase and a supporting SB app in what seems to be a new settings section (can’t find it now…). This didn’t solve the problem immediately but seems to have done now.

I run Cubase in Standard User mode, not Administrator, so this may be why it happened at all.


I would recommend to reinstall Cubase from the Full Installer, to make sure all presets are installed.

Thanks for the advice, Martin :slight_smile: