Good antivirus for a DAW?

Hi all.

Despite all forum entries, I was not able to run a C6 DAW with an installed antivirus (clicks & pops).
Can you give me an advice for a suitable antivirus?

  • should be easily disablable
  • should be updatable with USB stick as I don’t have internet access in my studio.

Any advice?

thanks in advance.


What do you need antivirus software for, if your DAW isn’t connected to the net?

I can think of a few scenarios.

Putting customers usb pen drives into the usb slot, connecting someone else’s external drive with stuff on it for file transfers.

This is becoming more prominent with the demise of CD’s and DVD’s as the preferred storage media.

MS essentials (Free)
eSet by far the best.

anything else does not belong on a daw as it effects performance/ too embedded

I always check them on the Laptop before plugging them in to my studio computer. No need for Anti virus in the studio then.


Exactly! That’s how I would solve the problem, too, if I had a DAW not connected to the Net. Any cheap (under $100) PC would do the job just fine. I would maybe link this “front” PC to my DAW with point-to-point net connection (without frowarding to the Internet) to streamline the process, though.

Ditto on the MS Security Essentials - free
and Eset Nod32 - paid.

Have used both with DAW without problems.
I bought a multi-license for NOD32 so all my computers now use it, including my DAW