Good iPad musical PDF reader?

Sorry, read and responded via my phone :wink: I was talking about ForScore

At least, with Newzik, you choose whether you want the document to open at the last page opened or at the start of the document. I thought there was a similar option in forScore — has it been removed or did I dream it?

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Just started getting into the capabilities of Forscore; brilliant app. If you want to annotate your scores, Logitech Crayon is a good cheaper alternative to the Apple pencil. It’s taken me a while to rtfm , so I only just found out how to organise my scores in the library, which was easy once I found the basic first step. Bluetooth pedal page turner is great, but you can also wink at it (no really ) or use other gestures. My only regret is not getting an ipad with a larger screen; still works fine though.

Hearing two different opinions on that.

I rarely use all the jazzy features of an app - like forScore’s metadata tagging, but it has to have top drawer basic capability, like the ability to set whether you jump back into a PDF where you left it.

ForScore does not retain the last page of a PDF you have viewed unless it is the last one you looked at before you closed the app. - as Mark pointed out. You can of course bookmark any page in any PDF for easy recall, but when you jump between different scores or documents, they will always open on the first page. ForScore is an excellent App. very reasonably priced and used by 1000’s of musician’s, but it’s not really designed for reading books and articles, although of course you can read any PDF you happen to import.


same here, did some digging in the app and online. Can’t find anything on remembering the last open page in multi-page pdf. Forscore should definitely do something about that

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One thing we haven’t mentioned is that forScore also offers tabs. So you can keep multiple documents open and they all retain their current page views.

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Ooooh, OK that’s a better solution. I usually have a bunch of files open at once so flipping between them like that is perfect. forScore it is

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Yah looks good. Crashed on startup :grimacing: but otherwise working OK. Love the tabs, solves two problems for me (keeping place and flipping between references), the metadata is actually useful, I can tag Composition and label Study for example to differentiate different purposes. Working well for both books and scores.

I guess i mentioned the tabs before no?

Yes. the metadata is awesome. It really doesn’t matter that forScore dumps everything in one folder.

Newzik works well as pdf reader with bookmark and annotation options and I like the organizer for scores in the MacOS version.

The MusicXML generation from a pdf does not work very well. when you try to generate a MusicXML from a multi-instrument pdf score, it does not recognize when some Instruments are not playing on some pages which creates a mess.

For single instrument scores the actual instrument is often not recognized which is annoying if it is transposed.

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forScore is working great, wishes

  • Metadata was saved in the PDF so other iPads would pick it up, or the configuration could be shared in a common folder
  • Zoom for old eyes

There are some „zoom“ possibilities if you hold the iPad landscape. Double tap in the middle to show the options.

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  1. There are various share options: raw PDF, PDF with annotations (stored as graphic overlays), and 4SC native format, which carries all the metadata including tags, resizing, cropping, etc.
  2. Have you played with (all-)page zoom and individual-page cropping yet?
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