Good job, Woodlock

I salute you in your quest to ruin this forum once again - it appears so far to be working. Thank you for crapping on my threads and getting them deleted. You are a real work of art.


I missed out on this.
I’m not peanut gallerying on this one …
Each of you knows I like each of you a lot. And each of you knows I have not been part of whatever histories the two of you might have had elsewhere.

So, in the spirit of a warm and caring “WTF???” …

Each of you please PM me

All the best

[edit] this is in the spirit of something in addition, not substitution, to whatever you might want to work out in this thread [/edit]

In all honesty, I think they were deleted because they weren’t music/audio-related. I had a thread about my recent weight loss that was deleted, for example


no, they are not deleted and Yes they where not music related. We move everything first to a hidden forum section just to be sure. Even we are humans and can make a mistake.



1st thread - me saying hello, and being welcomed back by many members. Ok, not music related, but are you guys going to be such sticklers that ONE thread that is directly realted to the forum is disallowed?

2nd thread: Who are the old members inthe older Cubase forums you dont miss ?

Ok, that is not music related at all, and tho it is forum related, i can see why it was removed. Then kindly use your wisdom Chris, to explain to everyone here why braunie’s "Who are the olde members in older Cubase forums you miss ? " thread still exists? Not that I want to see that thread gone - i don’t. But why is one ok, and not the other?

You may realize for yourself that "Who are the old members in older Cubase forums you dont miss " holds more potential for arguments and negativity than "Who are the olde members in older Cubase forums you miss ? ".

If not then I am sorry that we have different opinions on this. Also, this is getting really childish and I doubt that really we need this thread.