Good keyboard controller for Cubase 12 in 2023?

looking for a decent key bed 49-61 keys
I know which keyboards have the best key beds and I’m not into their software bundels …

used to rock novation sl mkii which is probably the best keyboard i’ve used , too bad novation is inflating its prices with unnecessary features and incomplete ones at that … 2 banks of rotary encoders only on the slmk3 in the costume mode … that’s insane .

will Behringer come to rescue ? I hope so …

anyways … which keyboard on the market currently have good integration with the new midi remote ?
most importantly - having usable rotary encoders with 14bit midi \nrpn , preferably a few banks of them ?

for buttons I have plenty of options with iPad but I really need nice rotary encoders with high resolution … that play nicely with the midi remote OfCourse .

I just bought a used Nektar panarama p6 which works with the new midi remote and has quite a few rotary knobs. So far seems to be working well. I did get it for less than half price though and wouldn’t have paid full price for one.

how do the panorama works with the midi remote ?
how many controls do you get ?
I suppose it works in midi mode and not with its integration that allow setiing up control for all VST parameters (if I remember that requires using nectraine plugin host)
or does that works too in conjunction with “daw control” that midi remote provide ?

there isn’t any information regarding that online …

It’s fully integrated. They did a script for version 12. Its screen shows it’s linked with Cubase. Have a look at what it has online as it will explain better. But yes it pulls from the vst instruments and depending on the instrument will have different parameters. The screen shows what they are and they are controlled by the 8 rotary knobs on the right. You can choose what they do as well. You can choose transport and it can control click level and a host of other things. The left 9 sliders are for channels and there is a motorised slider which when used in channel mode jumps to the channel selected and to the level set in Cubase. There are 8 pan knobs but you can choose what you want these to be pressing the toggle button. I only got it Wednesday last week so that’s about as far as I e got so far. Oh and you can use it to edit effects strip and insert effects. Quite well integrated.

can you share the link to the relevant support page ?
maybe its because i’m not registered to the site , but I can’t find it.

I just meant the main page to look at what controls it had as you asked how many. I think you are right that you can’t look in detail unless you go to the support page. Private message me your email and I’ll send the Cubase setup and user guide pdf. It will be later tonight as I’m going out now.

thank you.

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