Good lightweight sample libraries?

SWAM Saxophones are 276 MB. (RAM occupancy: about 80 MB for each instrument instance)

Samplemodeling Trumpet is 280 MB. Includes “Three B♭ Trumpets; Cornet; Flugelhorn; German Trumpet; Piccolo Trumpet; A ready-to-use Unison Ensemble Multi, including three B♭ Trumpets with Ensemble Maker, along with an appropriate ambience/convolution reverb, suitable for unison playing from a single MIDI source.”

Samplemodeling Trombone is a bit bigger at 720 MB.

IK Hammond B-3X is a great jazz organ and is 700 MB.

I’ve been using all of the above for jazz stuff.

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+1 for Noteperformer and Pianoteq for their light footprints. Noteperformer offer Rent-to-Own, which I think is a pretty neat way to purchase for those on a tight budget.


I should have made clear, even more important than footprint is ease of use. Something to use for initial composing when I just want good sound without having to touch the MIDI. BBCSO and other libraries are so touchy you’ll often get oddities that need smoothing over.

NotePerformer is the bestin this respect, but as I said some of the instruments are pretty dull sounding.

I’ve got 128G which doesn’t get enough exercise, what organ libraries do this?

Hauptwerk is a hungry guy.


Do you guys use any of those fancy keyboard controllers for Organ? Or just a plain old piano MIDI keyboard?

Honestly the easiest setup is two keyboards, one for Swell and one for Great. Each with programmable buttons so you can change presets quickly. They make AGO MIDI pedals too, but that’s a little more hardcore.

I have two Doepfers, opposite each other with me in between. How do you have them arranged, stacked like an Organ, or 2D arrangement like mine?

Stacked, like a typical organ configuration. Doesn’t work with all keyboards.

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The Melbourne town hall organ by inspired acoustics requires 71gb

The surround variant of the Billerbeck Dom requires 86gb ram Sonus Paradisi Billerbeck Dom - Fleiter organ - Germany, Poland, Romania - Organs

Goerlitz requires 85 Sonus Paradisi Goerlitz - Sonnenorgel - Mathis Orgelbau

I could go on and on.

I have a 3manual midi organ console in my office.

(Billerbeck is loaded now; when I want to use this with dorico I just drag the dorico window over to the monitor on top of the organ, and then I park a computer keyboard on top of the top manual.)


Damn! Where did you get that thing, I want! I think my wife might have another opinion though :smiley:


wow :astonished:

Dude, you’ve got to be kidding me… :astonished:


Whoops; you’re right, I was looking at the 6channel, not the 8.

That’s crazy! If it’s taking up 124GB, then obviously you’d need a heck of a lot more than that to run it with other programs.

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Thanks! I confess I’m spoiled. It was a helluva time getting it down into the basement though. (I got lucky too; this was built around the year 2000; I bought it from the estate of a retired organist who treated it well and hardly played it in his old age. The son sold it to me for 2k; to order the equivalent model of this brand new is about 30-35k :hushed:; but on the used market (ebay) finds are to be had if you keep your eyes peeled.)

The great thing is it’s totally midified, so I can just sit and play. The pedals too, so if I want to notate a pedal line, I can literally play it with my feet just as expected and it pops right into dorico.

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Yes… the HW community is kinda crazy. Most of us don’t have computers that can run everything full res; or we load samples but only half of the surround channels. There are a good number of people with custom builds though, and they all have crazy spec’d computers.

I once had someone say to me, “you don’t really need 64gb of ram”. I just laughed. Yes I dooooo! If I had my druthers I’d sport a minimum of 96, although I’ll be happy if my next Mac makes it to 64. Most of my stuff I can fit in 32 so it’s not terrible. The smaller organs fit easily into 16-20gb.

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On most PC mobos there are 4 RAM slots, but 4x32GB isn’t enough to run that. There are very few manufacturers even making 64GB single modules, and I guess you’d need 4 of them which is a pretty pricey proposition, yikes!

Okay, so where does one even find a motherboard with that kind of capacity? They must exist for Hollywood VEP servers.