Good luck Germany!

I support Germany tonight!! Good luck!

As an Austrian I support Argentinia, but actually I hope that we’ll get a great game with lots of goals. :slight_smile:

well done germany. good game

Not much of this though, a bit too many low scoring games this year for my liking.

Do they use Cubase?

While we’re on non-music, can anyone recommend a recipe for American Pie?

i think the game was a fix last night ,eres why....did you see the ball swerve when Higuain should have scored easily ,my dog could have scored that .anyway back to my theory ,Sepp Blatter wanted Germany to win , the Ball was rigged with a giro inside and Blatter just pressed the Miss Button on his remote ,there is no other reason why Higuain should have missed.... the imbecile. anyway congrats to Germany, great goal and im glad it did not go to penaltys.

Hi - we are talking about football/soccer, here. Not sure what sport you are on about, but try to keep up, ok? :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

yeah that`ll be 1 don mclean
1 acoustic
1 pen
1 paper, simmer for a while and hey presto.
for seconds 1 Madonna
1 drum machine

Yes, thank you…that’ll be some great back round for little richard. Store bought is ok, just as long as it’s cooked and served at just the right temperature :wink: