Good News Day!!

Today was… surprising.

I’m not in the music business… this is my hobby.

So when I got back from lunch to find an email stating that one of my songs (Please, an older track of mine that didn’t make the cut for my first EP and I hadn’t had available on my site) was selected from a production catalog for a TV show, I was pretty excited. The show also wanted additional rights to stream the song from its website and include it in a soundtrack CD.

Then less than 30 minutes later, I received a message from a talented young filmmaker who has a movie on the festival circuit (Cannes, etc.). It’s a marvelous short that has won many independent film awards. He said he’d been listening to my EP nonstop on Spotify and wanted to make me a music video as a labor of love.

Today ended way better than it started.

Congrats, still waiting for that day myself :laughing:

Wow! Congratulations!

That is a great day!!!

That is awesome!!so pleased for you, Kevin

Thanks all! I’m still kind of surprised at my good fortune. I had my first Skype call with the filmmaker and he’s going to be writing a script for the next month. Given his amazing first film, this won’t be some ‘band playing in a warehouse’ video–it will be a true work of art.

I still have basically no details about the how the reality show will be using the track (up on my site again because of the expected exposure). But that will be interesting too.

Crazy week.

Keep us updated, would love to see the result :smiley:

Excellent! :sunglasses:

Sweet! :smiley:

This appeared in iTunes and other stores this week…

iTunes - Music - Please (From “Dance Moms”) - Single by Lights Fade Low

Nice, I don’t think that was quite what you had in mind when composing the track, but congrats anyway :laughing:
It’s a good song though, well deserved.

You got that right. Not what I pictured at all.

Congratulations !

All the best to your future music career.

It’s more than a hobby now :smiley: