good results with multi-track drum editing in 6.0.5

i did some very extensive drum editing in cubase 5. used various techniques but mostly it was done manually. recently i’ve been putting 6.05 through it’s paces with multitrack drum quantize. i find it very good for getting the basic grooves and simple fills. still tend to edit the complex fills manually, but overall a nice feature. i bought sonar producer 7 and 8.5 for audiosnap and audiosnap 2 a while back. it promises the same kind of thing but in my experience, cubase does it much better, easier and with better sound quality (sonar uses low quality preview for realtime playback, switching to a very time consuming render process if top quality is required). had a quick read of the pdf for the new 6.5 audiowarping but my understanding of what i read is that phase is not maintained when multitracks are synced, so it looks like the slicing method will still be the best…
p.s. this topic is strictly in praise of cubase multitrack drum editing/quantizing. as for arguments about whether such such editing should be done, please start another topic!