good solution for Ipad?xml?

I need some of your experience (to avoid hours of research and testing)for reading sheet music on Ipad done with dorico 3.5.
Is there a good xml viewer?
Export from Dorico in xml then read it on scorch: good solution?
I don’t need to have a player, but I need to have the possibility to transpose the part so I push aside the pdf solution
Best regards and thanks


I do not know about scorch but you could try Newzik, it has a transposing function for xml files. But take into account that when using xml files in Newzik you get a layout render/display by the app. So you loose the layout you had made in Dorico.

You can sync the audio rendition from the xml with the pdf file, providing you upload both into Newzik.

Ok thanks

Personus Notion is really good on the iPad, especially if you have an Apple Pencil.