Good start with W10 and 8.5

Well it was time to move forward from W7 and 8.10 , 8.3 and 4 were giving me issues so I waited for 8.5 to release updates to plunge, I am running 4 motu 2408 via FireWire to pcie for now but have the AVB 24 ai,arriving Friday barring any driver issues that will replace 2408 system, and gives me 12 stereo analog in. Plus 12 stereo adat in.

Observations. Not scientific folks…

Windows 10 update worked without a hitch, didn’t need to do a fresh install ( remove all software and start over) and everything was right where it was with 7. Except I did need to reinstall elicensor, no biggie.

Windows 10 is much zippier not only boot up but running Cubase, but also Windows, apps, and the web all move faster ( Firefox is my default). It’s also nice to have the Email app handy instead of using a web browser.

Cubase 8.5.1 only a few hours with light projects but no more red line clipping in Asio meter.
Everything’s feels more responsive ( how much is Windows 10, i don’t know )
It loads faster.
Windows behave better than 8.10
Slight Asio meter performance gain but the real test will be a large template loaded up.
The new drum midi editor and the drag to copy midi tab is very good, this has allowed me to not have to use BFD2 midi inside of BFD which is painful, and BFD 3 just doesn’t sound as good as BFD 2 so I stay with 2.

More to come later, my biggest concern is I do need to see good performance with large projects, will post updates as I dig in. The Asio meter still seems high …bouncing 25, 35-45 % On a light project.

That’s good, thanks for the info!

So, your PCIe is the 424 card connected to 4 x 2408 Mk3? Is it all working fine re drivers, especially at low latency e.g. 64 samples? I ask because I’ve got a similar very stable setup and wondering whether to go for Win10 yet…


Hi, glad it’s working for you.
Are you using Asio guard, if yes, which setting.

I am still on Win 8.1 and C8.5.15, which so far has been running fine with small projects. Was planning to do to Win 10 before my free update will expire later this year.

Yes but Actually connected to 3 , the 4th one runs my slave. Edit it is actually 4, and slave is the 5th

Drivers working great with W10

Latency I run 512 , but my templates are big.

However this is where I think cubase could be more efficient given my specs below …also my projects are on an internal SSD m2 form factor, it looks like a pcie card and snaps to the mother board , the disk usage in the asio meter barely pulls above 0…

Yes I use the medium setting, but will try the max setting know that you have mentioned this

I find the meter strange, it floats up to 60 % when idle for no reason sometimes, and generally sits around 35 to 55 %

But years ago the meter was more accurate and a brand new PC would always bring a min of 25 % performance gain not the case anymore .

I upgraded to Win 10 yesterday, and everything fine so far - only eLicenser had to be run as admin, but other than that it’s fine - will see the real world issues later on maybe :smiley: