good synth sample sets

Hi I am completely new to Halion 4 and samplers in general. I see many DVD sets (mainly on eBay) for less than £20. The like of Korg M3 and Motif . has anyone used these or similar before, are they worth the money and once on your hard drive do they just show up like a normal Halion patch?



In the past, I thought it may be cool to be able to just load up another keyboard into my sampler and be able to play it. My experience has been poor with these libraries. I don’t find them worth the investment, especially when it comes to the major workstations like Motif XF, Korg Oasys… These units are worth the investment.

Just save up and get a good keyboard and be able to tweak the sounds properly. Less of a headache. I would love to know what others experience has been.