Good work! :)

Hey yo!
Just installed and started using N8 this week (lucky for me, I suppose, but then again I always wait a little after every release… :wink: )
and just wanted to say up til now I am very pleased!
The new video engine works very well, plays back smooth and is a lot more responsive than the old one. I’ve only used DNXHD cuz that’s all I ever use but I’m sure the other codecs work just as well.
DOP worked a treat too, no grief here.
And the interface is a little sleeker, always like sleeker…
Well done! :slight_smile:

How did you manage to get DOP to work?
Do you not use RX6 connect?

Nope, that is one thing I do not do. I either use RX6 as a plug-in or stand-alone. I decided back in RX4 days that connect was not for me.
Apart from RX6, I used plug-ins from D-16, Native Instruments and some onboard stuff, as well as the pitch shifter.
All worked fine here…

Nice to see a positive message (vs complaints /confusion that is the norm). Ditto here, a very nice package & also am working with film a lot.

Well, to be fair, if your rig’s not working properly for you, where else would you complain? This is as good a place as any and I think the lads in Hamburg can and should live with that too (for the most part…)
I do have a history of issues that I have posted here and also gotten help for, so no harm in saying so when I’m satisfied as well, I thought. :wink:

Thank you Heiner for the great feedback!