Goodbye Allan

RIP Allan Holdsworth


Sigh :frowning:

Not good :frowning:

Wow ,such a shock .

He was quite the Steinberg fan too…

I just read about it. It’s the way it is, but … :cry:

Sad that we know how it is. As a guy like Alan Holdsworth passes on, it only means that the rule has a greater application ratio to each of us. I learned of him from a girl I’d worked with who told me to listen to a few albums cuts back in 1985?

Always loved it but. I read something on you tube today that hit me well. A rock player plays 3 chords for a hundred people. A jazz player plays 100 chords for 3 people. Alan Holdsworth surely covered the spread

Thats a great saying. And he sure did.

Very sad news. :frowning: He was amazing and also very generous about sharing what he was doing with his music.

RIP Allan…